kls_eloise (kls_eloise) wrote,

I know there's a driveway under here somewhere...

I dug us out the side door and to the garage, and I dug out the front walk and the front door.  While I was doing that, Bob started work with the snowblower on the driveway.  He's made it to the back bumper of the car.  Right now we're warming up and catching our breath.  Our road is entirely unplowed.

The next step is that we're going to take the storm pane out of the back door, set up the step stool, and I'm going to try to go out that way to dig out the back door and start digging my way to the wood pile.
kass_rants - I know you want a piece of this!  :-)

If you know our driveway, you know that it's dug down into the hill with a bank on each side.  Riiiiggghhhttt.....


Not much to say about this one.


The steps to the side door.


The path to freedom...


I have achieved the garage!  The snow blower lives within.


That snow on the inside was already there.  It came in around the doors.  Tells you something about the wind.


Okay, where the hell is the driveway?  Oh - never mind.  There should be a road down there.  Do you see it?  I don't.


This time she likes it.


The door I decided NOT to try to go out.


The husband, rousted out to do his bit.  I like to include a Bob for scale.



Look - steps!



Okay - I'm going to suit up and go out the window.
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