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First off

For those who saw in the news that Pratt is laying off 200 in Connecticut - Bob is not among them. 

Which leads me to my real point - dear God I HURT.

Yesterday was difficult.  I was shuffling around like Frankenstein.  But nonetheless I got changed and did the kick boxing class.  As anticipated, the warmup was painful, and I definitely noticed that my balance and range of motion weren't as good as they usually are, but I did pretty well and felt pretty good afterwards.  Then I went back to my desk and sat on my ass for an hour, and turned to stone.  Sigh.  By the time the day was over I could hardly move.  I was sitting on a pile of pillows at home so that I wouldn't have to go so far down and up to get in and out of the couch.  Getting in and out of my CAR was... difficult.

This morning I wasn't entirely sure that I was going to make it down the stairs - I thought about going down on my bottom, but first I would have to GET my butt down to floor level...  I'm getting up and doing quad stretches every thirty minutes and that's helping a lot, but... holy crap.  I'm actually afraid of my spinning class on Friday - I don't know if I'll be able to do any out-of-the-saddle stuff at all.  But even if I don't it'll still be a good cario workout.

Who would ever have thought that I'd be doing this?  I've loathed and feared exercise ever since school gym class taught me to.  I hate sweating.  I've arranged my life to contain as little physical discomfort as possible - and I am now giving over three lunch hours a week to exercising and sweating in front of my co-workers.  In classes where I am *clearly* the remedial student.  There's all sorts of high-school era demons lurking in those bushes.

I'm trying to figure out what changed in my head after all these years.  But it will be nice to feel better.

Once I don't hurt anymore.
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