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I added a new fitness class at work today.  Friday is spinning - that's the one I started with.  Then after a while I added cardio kick - that's on Tuesdays, and showcases my lack of coordination.  Since I've reached the stage where there's a couple of days when I can actually walk, I decided to add a class on Monday - it's called "Basic Strength Class."  Here's the description:

"Basic srength and conditioning, light weights, core strength included." 

Sounds harmless, doesn't it?

I am one enormous over-cooked noodle.  Every muscle in my body is just... done.  Tired.  Wobbly.  Check, please.  Right now, it's a full body effort to get out of my chair.  That little blonde lady kicked my overweight, out-of-shape, middle-aged, housewife butt.

Tomorrow morning is probably going to SUCK.  The warmup for kickboxing is probably going to hurt.  But I really, really want to get under 200 pounds.  I'm close.  So close...

I'm too old to be this out of shape.
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