kls_eloise (kls_eloise) wrote,

Well, poo.

It's here, but it's wrong.  Something went wrong in the order process, and the front profile isn't correct.  Given that I'm likely going to have this furniture for multiple decades, I want it to be exactly what I want.

That said, Bassett is something of a model of customer service.  They'll remake it, they'll do it on a rush order, and in the meantime please use the incorrect unit with their compliments and apologies.  All right out of the gate.  Can't ask for much more than that, can you?

And the nice gentlemen from the delivery service hauled the old piece out to the garage for me, and I thanked them each with a $20.  Money well spent - and they were very nice.

I'm going to be very happy when we're all set - I'm pretty happy with the look of the one that isn't right.  As the furniture all goes neutral, I think I want a rug with some color in it!  And when the time comes to replace the chair, I may even get some sort of crazy... print.  That's me - living dangerously.  :-)

Now I just have to decide if the old one goes to Goodwill or to the curb.  It all depends on how it's dimensions match my car.  :-)
Tags: living room

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