kls_eloise (kls_eloise) wrote,

An Amendment

 Okay – I’ve apparently frightened people. So I’ll try a slightly different proposal, and if I get no takers I’ll know that no one loves me. Same general deal: first three people who respond, I’ll send you something cool sometime in the next year. In return – either:

Donate nonperishable goods to a food bank.


Drop something reasonable in one of the Salvation Army buckets as you’re coming and going this holiday season.

I know how scary it is when the job goes away, the bills start to pile up, and you just can’t see a way out. It was terrifying, and we never even came *close* to being hungry or homeless.

I won’t check up on you – much.

In other news, my weather stripping successes have become weather stripping woes – just like that. The side door – freshly touched up, propped open or carefully buffered with waxed paper, cured for a couple of WEEKS... just had all the paint stick to the new weather stripping. So the vinyl gasket is now squashed flat and all lumpy-bumpy, the door and the frame have had the paint ripped off of it, and I’m annoyed. Oh – and the door doesn’t close properly against the weather stripping now. And I still don’t have a sweep for the bottom. Grrr! I think I’ll replace the now gunked piece of weather stripping, and I will re-repaint that section in the spring. I just can’t face it right now.

Things I have learned: A forty foot extention ladder is excessive for our house.  But free was definitely the right price.

We’ve had the first fire in the woodstove, and I had the kitchen up to an overly toasty 76 degrees with the thermostat set at 62. I love my woodstove. As do the cats – they were worshipping the black cast-iron God of Heat.


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