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Wow, I'm on a roll

Went to Target at lunch, bought a bunch of new plastic storage bins, and when I got home I pulled everything out from under the bathroom sink upstairs.  You see, there is not a drawer in any bathroom in this house.  That makes bathroom storage... challenging.  So I sorted and categorized and threw things away...

It's much neater under there, and a trash bag full of, well, trash has gone out to the bin.  How did I managed to pull a trash bag full of junk out from under the *sink?*  It's like the stuff is spontaneously generating.  But it's stuff like the little tube of toothpaste they give you when you get your teeth cleaned.  That's not the toothpaste that I like, so it goes in a box under the sink.  Because (for some reason I don't fathom) I can't throw it away... We won't talk about how many expired, travel-sized tubes of toothpaste I just threw away.  It's good to have some in the house in case we run out of the good stuff, but within reason.

I want to redo that vanity.  I need to make drawings, and ask dad to help me build a new one.  With drawers.  :-)

I *AM* going to fit in this house.



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Feb. 18th, 2013 06:59 pm (UTC)
(A thought for the future...label a ziplog bag "donations" and over time let it fill up with the free travel sizes of whatever, and then give it to a shelter or nursing home. I keep meaning to do this, but Rob looks at me and says he'll use it up...and he does.)
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