kls_eloise (kls_eloise) wrote,

Twice Heated

Tired.  Very tired.

The Saturday *after* Bob's surgery (bad timing that,) Ben delivered two cords of wood.  Let me tell you, the sight of that pile in my driveway and the knowledge that I was going to be handling it entirely by myself was beyond discouraging.  Nonetheless, the next day I dragged my sorry behind outside and got to it - my concern, as always was to deal with the wood before the weather turned on me.  That day I managed to haul about half of it, AND stack that half.  I was impressed, and pleased.  I honestly think that the fitness classes at work helped - I think I'm stronger than I was.  I outsmarted myself though.  I'd been pushing to finish the stack before either sundown or I fell apart.  Several days later I stepped out back, looked at my stack... and realized that I'd built in a lean.  That stack was going to fall over.

Sure enough, a couple of weeks later I looked out, and ker-splat - wood pile all over the lawn. Sigh.

This morning I got up and was outside almost as soon as it was light enough to see what I was doing, and restacked the damn thing.  This time, being less tired, I was more careful.  I think this one will hold.  After that I refilled the wood box in the kitchen, refilled the stack outside the side door, and hauled the long lengths around the house to the back deck and put them on the fireplace stack by the back door.  We've got weather rolling in on us tomorrow, and I wanted to get as much of the wood dealt with as I could before it got here.

Notice a theme?

At that point, I looked at the heap of kindling sized pieces, and decided that I needed to deal with it.  I've filled the two old recycling bins and an old basket, and those are snug and dry in the garage.  Since what I'm trying to avoid is everything freezing to the ground in one enormous pile of old wet leaves and small wood, I decided to tidy that up and got all the kindling in a neat pile by the side of the driveway.  Then I raked up the enormous mess of old leaves and bark, and thought I was done.  I loaded up one more wagon of wood, and stashed it in the garage.  Then I looked at the remains of the pile, and instead of feeling self-congratulatory, I decided to do something about it.  So, the wood that won't fit on the main stack, in the woodbox, in the pile by the door, or in the emergency load in the garage is now neatly stacked at the end of the driveway.  I didn't build ends or anything - it just slopes off on both sides - but it's stacked.  That'll make it a lot easier to load up when I need to go pull more up to the house.  I called it quits, and grabbed a shower.  It was 11:00am.

After that, Vynehorn and I headed off to a social event, and after THAT Bob and I went to Bassett Furniture and spent my holiday bonus on a new loveseat.  The old one didn't fare well during the cat wars, and I'm very excited to get another piece of grown-up furniture.

I really AM grateful that I've been taking those classes, or I wouldn't be able to do half of this stuff.  But nonetheless, I'm tired.  Tomorrow I will be sore.  Tomorrow it will rain, and I will do laundry.  But tonight we have lots of wood.
Tags: exterior, yardwork

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