kls_eloise (kls_eloise) wrote,

Sitting and Waiting...

I'd completely forgotten that the tree service is coming today.  Good thing they called and left an ETA (although the synapse fired on the way home from barony meeting.)  Yes, I finally called and made the appointment.  They're going to take down that big branch over the driveway that I've been yapping about for years, the maple tree on the east side that dropped the big branches on the garage in Snowpocalypse, and the beech/black birch on the west side of the house that I hate to cut down, but it's just too close to the house - and leaning in.

Once these are down, I'll spend next summer assessing, and figure out what comes down next.  I've got plenty...

So here I sit.
Tags: exterior, trees, yardwork

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