kls_eloise (kls_eloise) wrote,

She's on to me

Charlotte has a Halloween party today at day care.  As I have every year for the last four, I dressed her in her garb and sent her in.  She doens't know the difference, everyone else is all impressed, and it's zero work.

She's clearly on to me.  Next year there will need to be a costume.  Next year, for that matter, I need to find someplace where she can go trick or treating - although I should probably take a walk up and down our street to see if anyone has their lights on tonight. 

In other psychological news, last night I sat at my dining room table with the lights on and the news on in the living room, and had a lovely dinner of lamb chops and yellow rice while CL&P talked about the outages.  I felt guilty.  Apparently I'm still not quite over last year.
Tags: charlotte, holidays, weather

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