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We made it

We made out quite nicely, I must say.

Sunday was spent battening down.  Bob had cleaned the gutters on Saturday (not that you could tell by Sunday,) so we put extensions on the downspouts, brought in some things, drew off drinking and flushing water, and filled the woodbox.  I did all the laundry and dishes, and got the downstairs thoroughly picked up.  Stumbling around in the dark is bad enough, without stumbling around in the dark in a mess.

On Monday, work sent out a fairly ambiguous message instructing essential personnel to report, and everyone else to work from home.  That's lovely.  What about those of us who are non-essential, and whose work can't be done from home?  The joy of how we're all required to be "connected" these days.  Times long ago, we would have been told to stay home for public safety, and that would have been that.  Bob's work was the same, but he doesn't have a company laptop, so he headed in.  Day care was closed (smart people) so I tried to log in from home.

Between the power flickers, brown outs, and the fact that my computer doesn't really play nice with the company servers to begin with, that particular exercise in frustration lasted until about noon.  Around which time Bob bailed from work because the interstates were going to close to all but emergency personnel at 1:00pm.  It was nice to have him home as the real blow started.

Luckily, this time it was all fairly low key.  One big branch came down on the library - it was actually one that broke this time LAST year, and has been stuck up there ever since.  It didn't appear to do any damage beyond stripping the thermometer off of the side of the house on it's way by.  We'll check that roof more thoroughly when it's dry and less slippery.

It was an afternoon spent listening to the wind howl, throwing the occasional log in the woodstove to keep it ticking over in case we needed it, and watching the news conferences.  I went to bed early, and fell asleep to the wind sounding like a freight train.

Woke up at 2:00am when Charlotte fell out of bed, and it had quieted way down already.

This morning we took stock.  Assorted small branches were down in the driveway, and there appears to be some breakage in the trees, but everything is basically fine.  We have a lot of mess to clean up, but nothing more than mess thank goodness.  My dad opined that we paid our dues last year, and I'm happy to have gotten off so easily.

But man, do I have a lot of raking to do.



Oct. 31st, 2012 12:17 pm (UTC)
It's weird - even if you never intend to go back, there's something about knowing that they're still there if you wanted to.

They'll rebuild, and will become someone else's childhood playgrounds - and you live on a tropical island!