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Home, Haircuts, and Cleaning


We’re back from Pennsic, and I’ll tell you all about it later.  That requires time to type up to do it justice, but for now I’ll summarize:

Late start;
Detour – not so bad;
Class conflicts;
Easy breakdown;
Wet canvas :-(

It needs some fleshing out.

In other news, Charlotte had her first haircut yesterday.  She was VERY upset last night that mommy and daddy got their hair cut and she didn’t.  So she sat on my lap and the stylist was good enough to clip the ends (which honestly did need it.)  They’ve never seen a kid so excited about a haircut.  Happy little girl.

I’m also wading into my next project even though all the Pennsic debris isn’t put away yet.  I’m starting to clean the basement.  Partly it’s because I *can’t* put the Pennsic debris away, because I can’t get to those shelves.  But mostly it’s because the sewing room came out so spectacularly well that I want to do it again.  I’m betting that I can fill that ninety gallon trash bin up a few times during this project.  I went down last night and started poking through things, and pulled out a few things that can go to GoodWill right off.  It was late and I was tired, so I didn’t get too far, but I can see the potential.  Tonight, weather permitting, I’m going to drag the trash bin and the recycling bin around to the Bilco door and do something of a first pass of the obvious stuff.  Just getting the trash and cardboard out of there will make a big difference to start with, so if that’s all I accomplish it’s still a good start.

Something else has occurred to me in the course of the various cleaning/purging/rearranging projects.  As much as I want a new pavilion, an air-conditioning unit for the library, a new deck, a new front walk… I really want a storage loft in the garage first.  That would change the dynamic in the house enormously.  I have lots of things in the basement – like the camping gear – that take up a lot of space.  Stuff that needs to be under a roof, but doesn’t necessarily need full climate control.  Things of that nature are taking up a lot of space in my basement.  Outdoor seasonal items are taking up a lot of space in my garage.  If we put that loft in the garage (with a hoist.  Because… damn that stuff is heavy) it would change the way we do things in the house.  Just getting the canvas into the garage would give us more working room by the workbench so that we don’t crowd the boiler.  Or it makes a spot to move the washer and dryer to make their current space a coat closet.  Either way – getting the canvas out of the basement would be HUGE.

What I’m talking about doing is NOT a do it yourself project for us, though.  We’re pretty handy, but we don’t know enough to properly design structure.  It’ll also require a beam and columns, and even if we DID know enough about structure, there’s just no way in hell we could lift the thing in place.  I’m a middle-aged, out-of-shape, overweight housewife – I can’t hold up my end.  Literally.

That means hiring someone.  I don’t know if we can afford it or not.  I tried to get it quoted a few years back, and the job is so small that I couldn’t even get the guy to give me a number.  That was disappointing.  But I have a recommendation, and I’m told this guy will even do tiny jobs, so… maybe.  It would be hugely exciting.  Bob says that he “has some thoughts,” which usually means practical reasons why it’s a bad idea.  But I think I’ll dig out that name and number anyhow.

In the meantime, I’m going to pull out as much stuff to go to GoodWill as I can while I still have mom’s Jeep.  Even without a loft I’m going to make myself some walking room down there.

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