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Tree bits, in pictorial form

This was the scene Wednesday night:

I know - I desperately need to weed.  Not that.  That big tangle is where the turnaround is supposed to be.  As you can see, there's a branch the size of a tree on it.  For reference, that big honkin' tree just to the left of center is the tree that all the pieces are falling from.  For scale, if you're careful you can park two cars side by side in the turnaround.
This is a lovely view of how far it stretches back into the woods on the other side of the turnaround.

The big pouf of leaves in the right-side midground is the big chunk of branch that had been hanging over Bob's head while he cleared space to stand.  He got a rope on it and was able to pull it out of the tree it was caught in without pulling it down on his head. 

It knocked my poor bird bath over.  Happily, it didn't break it.  I really like that bird bath, and it was fairly expensive.

Kind of an overall shot of the whole thing, from the business end.  There were clearly carpenter ants living in the crotch, so that branch was coming down sooner or later.

I really hate the idea of taking that tree down, but it needs to go.  Portable sawmills charge mileage and then by the hour.  So if I can afford to have the tree put on the ground in pieces, and I can find a few friends to come and help pull the milled lumber off to cut down on the time spent, I'm really inclined to have it sawn.  I just need to figure out where to stack it to dry...
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