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I was *supposed* to be home right now, quizzing a chimney sweep about my stove pipe, the benefits of lock top dampers, and how to protect the two non-fireplace flues.  Instead I'm at work, not getting work done.

I've been rescheduled.  Woe.

On the bright side, I'm coming away from this with an ongoing positive impression of the company I've picked to do the work.  They left me a message on the answering machine yesterday morning telling me that they were very sorry that they would need to reschedule all of the Thursday appointments.  They had tried to get another guy in to cover, but were not able to.  They had gone ahead and scheduled me for Tuesday at 8:00 a.m. (the time of my original appointment).  I should call if that did not suit me.  Very professional.

I'm also the queen of back order right now.  The book that I ordered from David R. Brown?  Out of stock.  Four to six weeks.  The book I ordered from Levenger?  Begins shipping 11/20.  The Christmas gift I ordered for my brother and sister-in-law?  Back ordered - anticipated shipping 11/22.  I'm glad I started early this year.

So, tonight is frantic cleaning, as we have a house guest tomorrow.  I can HAVE house guests!  I have a house, with room for guests!  That is so enormously cool, and I haven't really gotten over it yet.  Hopefully I never will.  I just need to get the ironing board out of the spare bedroom,  tidy up a bit, wash the dishes in the sink, and herd the carboys in the kitchen into a controllable area.  Tomorrow is said guest, and packing for the event.  Saturday is Investiture on Long Island.  I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do with myself all day - I need to look at the event announcement.  I intend to take a lot of handwork with me!

Back to work...


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