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Short.  Hot.  Horse apples.  Hot.  Whining child.  Hot.  Lunch with lady_kathryn_r.  Dozed off on the drive home.  Nap.  Made the potato salad for the upcoming in-law visit.

I'm exhausted, my house is a pigsty, we're likely not going to be home tomorrow night (I still want to take Charlotte to some fireworks,) and I have in-laws coming on Friday after work, and my family coming on Sunday.

I might just be tired enough to not care that it's a pigsty.  Maybe Bob will help.  It IS his family...

I think that's the last of the baronial commitments until Pennsic.  It needs to be - I need some time to work around the house.



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Jul. 5th, 2012 02:49 pm (UTC)
Groton.patch.com has photos of the parade, but only one of our group.


I have several, including you and Bob; I'll try to get around to uploading them today or tomorrow.

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