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The manuscript references have all been entered into LibraryThing, resorted, reshelved, and purged.  That's a fairly major accomplishment, and one I'm very pleased with.  Now I need to pause, because I'm right on the cusp of where any room being reorganized temporarily looks like a bomb went off in it - and I don't have time to deal with losing the library right now.

I've got two questions though - one general, and one specifically for safiya_shirazi:

1)  For anyone with a clue - I have one book that is terribly musty.  It came from a used-book sale.  Holding it, it's fine.  Open it up and the smell damn near knocks you down.  It's a great book, but I can't work from it because it reeks.  Is there any solution for this, or should I buy a new copy and recycle the one I've got?

2)  Hey Safiya - I'm divesting myself of "Persian Miniature Painting" and "Mirror of the Invisible World: Tales from the Khamseh of Nizami."  Want them?  They're very pretty books, but I've never used them, and likely won't.

EDIT: I figured I deserve a new userpic for the occasion...



Jun. 29th, 2012 06:22 pm (UTC)
Sorry if this post repeats--my first one (with a link)has been marked as spam, whatever that entails...

What the link says to do is to set the book in the sun, opened-faced, with baking soda between the pages. Turn the pages to air them out every so often. Remove the baking soda after a few days, repeat as necessary. I have done this, and it does work. Talcum powder can also do the trick. Good luck!
Jun. 30th, 2012 12:07 am (UTC)
A big thanks from me, too -- ten years, three basements, four floods, oodles of noodles books. Add in a husband who doesn't want to throw things out and ...we has must too.

The one at my mom's house, I stole a trick from the big Florence floods decades ago -- I put the worst-soaked & most important ones in her freezer immediately, since her freezer was nearly empty at the time. I brought them out to solar-dry as other items completed.

For future reference (and may you never need it), this works better with older single-color books than it does with glossy modern paper. Especially the ones with color pictures, most of those stuck together badly. Thank goodness those are mostly replaceable.