kls_eloise (kls_eloise) wrote,

Let there be light!

A couple of week ago, I was standing in the sunlight from the window in the library by my drawing board talking to my husband.

If you have ever been to my house in the summertime, you will notice a problem with that sentence.  One of those things is not like the others.

"In the sunlight" and "in the library" are mutually exclusive.

It took a while for it to percolate through my consciousness that there was a beam of sunlight coming in over my drawing board.  Where the heck was it coming from?  Trying to look out the window didn't work, because it was so damn bright - which is also beyond weird.  So out we went to walk around the side of the house and check.  Remember back in the fall when the Halloween storm kicked the shit out of us?  There are a couple of pictures of the archery range buried under fallen tree limbs.  At the time, I was just chewing my way through the pile and not really analyzing it.  I'd stopped trying to identify where debris on the ground had come from, because to be frank I just didn't care any more at that point.

Apparently more of the canopy came down than I had thought - and some of it just in the right place to allow the afternoon sunlight to shine through the window over my drawing board.

Yesterday I thought something had spilled on the hearth in the dining room - it was that beam of sunlight reaching through the library and out the door.

Sadly, I suspect that just about the time I get used to it, the trees will have regrown.  I love my trees, but sunlight is awfully nice too.
Tags: exterior, house, library

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