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Apparently Reorganizing is Addictive

Seriously.  Well, part of it is just that I like playing with my books.

The sewing room looks beyond fabulous. How do I know?  Two of my friends told me that they are jealous and that I suck.  So now I want that for the rest of the house, and the other area that is 99% my domain is the library.  I brought my sewing room eyes downstairs and looked at it.  It's not bad, but it's not done, and there's a fair bit of clutter.  I've decided to use the same theory I used for the sewing room - clean and organize around the perimeter, setting shelves to rights and shoving the clutter into the middle of the room.  Then put the pile of clutter away in the newly organized system.  Well, in the library, the perimeter is (mostly) the bookcases.  That means data entry.  So I bit the bullet, and started entering the manuscript reference into LibraryThing.  I've done four shelves so far, and I'd say I'm about a quarter of the way done.  Surprisingly, I'm finding books to purge.  Unsurprisingly, not as many as on the previous shelves.

I should be working on Pennsic stuff, but this is a long term projec, so it feels better.  This feels like I'm working on my life and my home, and it feels very satisfying.  I DO need to adjust my schedule so that I don't keep sticking Bob with all the child care while I play with my books, but getting started is the hard part.

Right now it's fun.  Working through the manuscript books isn't that big a deal.  Wen I hit the shelves next to my drawing board, those will be slightly ickier - those shelves are a wee bit of a catch all that will require hard decisions.  Then it gets nasty.  I've got two bags of books under my drawing board that need decisions and integration into the fiction, and then... then I hit the filing.  I'm behind on my filing.  Grossly behind.  Filing is just no fun.

I also have to decide if I want to make finally repainting/rehanging the shutters part of this project.  It would help - I'd know how much room I have to hang pictures, I'd be able measure for a ductless unit for the library, and the shutters wouldn't be taking up space in the basement any longer.  I'm just having a hard time working up the ambition - I really don't feel like doing the sanding I know I need to do - and the old hinges need to have the teal paint stripped of off them.  No fun.

Oh well - I won't get to that before Pennsic.  I'm also committed to finishing one of those mostly-finished garments I found every evening.  So far, Charlotte has four more dresses than she had before I cleaned the sewing room.  Tonight I'll try a chemise on her to mark the hems.  That's all they need - skirt and sleeve hems.  Very exciting.

Did I mention that July is a bulk pick-up month?  I'm not going to dive into cleaning the basement, but there's a bunch of stuff down there that's going...
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