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Sewing Room: Mission Accomplished!

I’ve missed a few updates.

Thursday night was not as productive as previous nights, but part of that was that I was having bad sciatic pain, and part was that it was family haircut night, so I got a late start.  Once I forced myself to drag up the stairs, my back loosened up after a while.  I didn’t get as far square footage wise as I have been, but it was a head-scratcher of a set of shelves – all the yarn, knitting, crocheting, and weaving supplies, which are a little problematic to store.  After pulling everything down, I decided that my current storage solution of sealing the yarn in two gallon ziplock bags, squeezing out the air, and stacking them like cordwood is actually mostly working.  Ninety percent of that yarn is my scarf stash – I hit a really good sale on Lion yarn years ago, and stocked up.  I won’t need to buy any of that for a while, but I DO need to knit up some of it and get it out of there!

I managed to get most of those shelves sorted out, and now they have all the heddles and bits and pieces for the loom, the fiber for the rigid heddle loom and tablet weaving (I left lots of room for that to expand,) and my knitting yarn.  The only thing that I’m a little baffled by is a good way to store my growing collection of knitting needles.  Flat on a shelf is a huge waste of space and they’re too long to store in a mug.  I need something I can hang that they can drop into – basically, a more attractive/appealing Pringles can would be good.  I have them set aside until I come up with a solution I like.

As much as I’ve been trying to get away from copy paper boxes stuffed under shelves, it turned out to be a good solution for my collection of legacy yarn: “You knit, right?  Here’s a bag full of yarn from my mother / neighbor / kid.”  I’m keeping the decent stuff because it’s good practice fodder for the loom, but where to put it?  In this case a copy paper box underneath the shelves is a perfect solution.  I threw in some cedar off-cuts, just ‘cause.  I also emptied out two baskets that used to be favorites until I decided to use them for storage – I guess my theory was that if they were taking up space anyhow, they may as well hold something.  I threw out everything in them.  Half-finished projects from fifteen years ago in which I’ve lost all interest – don’t need to take up space in my room.  Now I need a better place to store those baskets, because I still really like them and they’re still really useful.

Friday did NOT go as planned.  I got into work and was barely settled in when day care called – “come get your child.”  They’ve had an intestinal virus running rampant through the place, and Charlotte had an accident of galloping diarrhea.  Of course, when I got there she was happy and bouncy, but they (rightfully) have a policy about diarrhea – and I could see that she was off her game.  And if I’m honest, I’ll admit that I wasn’t heartbroken to be sent home on an absolutely gorgeous Friday.  So I let her have soda crackers, and go outside.  She did some swinging, and we blew a LOT of bubbles.  Bubbles are fun.  She was resting in between a lot more than usual, and took a few huge naps.  In between, I went up and kept working on the sewing room.  Hey – it beats daytime television.  I got the remaining six perimeter shelves tidied up – those are in more regular use, so they weren’t as bad as the rest. 

My big “mistake” is that I should never have touched the quilting fabric.  That snowballed.  I had intended to leave those bins closed and deal with them later, but I cracked open two small cases (because they were on one of the perimeter shelves,) and the next thing you know I was in full fabric reorganization mode.  The good part is now all the loose pieces of yardage that were floating around the room are not merely put away, but they’re put away in the correct box.  I also filled up a bag with lengths that just no longer tickle my fancy – I’m hoping to find someone to take those, or someplace to donate them.

Saturday would have been a beautiful day to work in the yard, but the work inside was more mission-critical, sadly.  I did open all the windows in the house though, which was nice.  Unfortunately for me, Saturday was the day that I had to address all the “other” stuff that I’d been pushing into the center of the room or stacking on the ironing board and sewing table.  It was an entire day of pick up the item, decide whether or not to keep the item, try to figure out where to put the item, find room and put it down.  Lather, rinse, repeat.  The hardest part was finding a good way to manage the projects that are in progress that I decided are worth keeping.  I’m trying to get away from random canvas bags stuffed with half-done projects, and for good reason.  I found a bag full of the mostly-done underthings that I didn’t get finished for LAST Pennsic that I had completely forgotten about.  Three pair of braes for Bob, a chemise for me, three chemises for Charlotte, and two dresses for Charlotte.  Mostly they just need hems.  Even better – Charlotte’s things will still fit.  It’s a plus for me, but I’m a bit horrified that they just disappeared into that room and were forgotten – for year!

Bob installed the remaining three light fixtures for me, and I finished up late by running the shop vac over everything.  Sunday morning I went up and gave the sewing table surface a good scrub, tweaked a few things into place, and put on a new ironing board cover.  I’m ready to go in there.  I’ll try to take some pictures while it’s still neat and pretty.  I’m VERY happy – I love my new lights, I really do.  But now I need a clock in there, because it’s going to be scary easy to lose track of time.

So of course I rolled into cleaning up the library.  There’s a good reason though – I need to get to my drawing board, which I couldn’t do this time yesterday.  It’s all better now.

The real challenge in the sewing room is going to be keeping it like this, which is a problem on two fronts.  The first challenge is having the discipline to always pick up a project before I start the next one.  The second one is more insidious, which is resisting the urge to use that room (and its big, open expanse of floor) as a dumping ground for other parts of the house.  “Just put it in the sewing room for now” is a phrase that needs to stop.  I don’t know how long we can keep ourselves honest about that, but it’s worth it to try.  It is *beautiful* in there right now.  I’ll try to get some pictures.

I *FILLED* a ninety gallon trash can.  Scary, that.

Of course, I gained a room and lost a hallway.  It’s not as bad as it was when the fabric was out there, but it’s not good.  Most of the fabric I’m divesting is currently in Bob’s trunk – I’m taking it to barony meeting tonight, and I’m really hoping that people will take it home.  ALL of it would be ideal, but I don’t expect that to happen.  Instead, I need to figure out what to do with the things people don’t take.  Much as I hate to just throw it out, that’s probably the answer.  In the past, I’ve stored things I didn’t want for *years* waiting to find homes for them.  I’m over that, and I’m not doing it any longer.

Love my sewing room.  Now if I could just get the *rest* of the house that neat.

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