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Well THAT didn't go as expected.

Cliff Notes version, while I wait for a particular email reply...

Saturday: I tidied up the downstairs while Bob installed the structure of the new lights in the sewing room.  On one hand, I was pretty startled at how long that took.  On the other hand, he was *really* meticulous about getting it right for me, which is fantastic.  I managed to reclaim the dining table (no small task,) the kitchen floor, and a good chunk of the library.  The baronial "stuff" that we inherited is neatly piled in the library.  I'm going to leave it there until we get the rest from Dinsdale and Aelfgiva, and then we'll be able to sort it into "we'll use this" and "we'll store this."  At some point there should probably be a purge.

I don't feel like I got much done, but now the house just looks messy instead of like hoarders live there.  I suppose that's an accomplishment.  I also got the cats to an early vet appointment.  Becket was just along for the ride - and peed himself in the car again.  Sigh.  Nishka was just in for blood work - they're re-checking her thyroid and kidney function numbers.  Alarmingly, she's lost more weight, but she's also been under extreme stress until about a week ago when all of a sudden things seem to have gotten better.  Because she had some antiseptic applied, I separated them for a few hours after we got home, and when I opened the doors things were still okay.  Phew!  We have instructions from the vet on how to taper off the Prozac, so hopefully we'll be able to get them off it it in a month.

Sunday: Sunday we went to Suzanne's picnic, and had a lot of fun.  Charlotte got to run around the yard, bounce on the trampoline, and ate an endless progression of junk.  She had a fabulous time.  I'd only intended to stay for a bit and then head home to more cleaning, but we were having such a good time that we stayed until around 8:00.  Fun.

Monday: Charlotte let us sleep in - that never happens.  Bob, in his usual style, spent the morning doing things that could have been done at any time, and started working on the wiring just as our friend Camma came over.  He did a little wiring, did a little shooting, did a little wiring, etc.  It all would have worked out okay, except he ran into house weirdness.  He killed the breaker for "office," which is the sewing room.  It also took out the library (they're a vertical stack.)  Okay.  A little odd.  Odder still was that one wire in the box was still live!  We're not sure where it's from or where it's going, but apparently it's just passing through. 

We ran into this in the living room when we were repairing the mouse damage.  The power supply is pig-tailed through the outlets.  Dad's comment is that it's legal, but it's sloppy.  Right now it's annoying.  Bob got it shut down somehow, but something is funky in there - the breaker is tripping.  Which means it's time to take it all back apart and try again.  In a pinch we can ask Dad to come and help, but we're not there yet.

The downside to this is the library having no power.  The desktop is in there, and it's the desktop that's acting as the house server - and more to the point, that's where the modem and the router live.  So there's no internet at home right now.  A trifle annoying, that.  On the other hand, I probably spend too much time playing on the internet - to the detriment of interacting with the person on the other end of the couch.

We'll get it sorted out.  But I'm not going to be online much until we do.
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