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Sewing Room - Step one: Emptiness

As I mentioned, Bob agreed that he would be willing to install the overhead low voltage lights in the sewing room this weekend, so for the past couple of days I've been pulling fabric out of the shelves against the relevant wall and stacking it in the upstairs hallway.  Last night I finished that up.  It turns out I was able to get almost all of it into the hall - there is one pile of cotton duck canvas that I stashed in Charlotte's room.  Having gotten the shelves empty, I turned them ninety degrees to get them off of the wall in question.  I would have liked them further out of the way, but they're bumping up against the ceiling before the get to the knee wall.  They're close enough.  I clearly need to vacuum, although it wasn't as bad as I had feared - it's amazing what a difference that room being a mostly cat-free zone makes.

As an aside, it's only a cat free zone because Becket is dumb enough to want to eat thread.  Until I have that room sufficiently organized to be deemed "safe," the door stays closed when I'm not in there.

Yesterday I also made a run to Home Depot for a number of things, and among them was a new overhead light fixture for in there.  It's just a cheap fixture (both price and quality,) but it's a whiter glass shade than the existing one, and the profile is about four inches closer to the ceiling.  I figured that we would put it up as part of the rewiring project, but Bob put it up last night after Charlotte went to bed.

Wow.  I should have done that ages ago.  It's a lot more light.

We also took off the switch plate and took a look at the existing box.  He's going to give me two switches, so we'll be taking that box out and replacing it with a proper double box.  The existing one is very odd - it's offset from the stud that it is presumably attached to.  This could be good, because it implies that there may be less patching, which means faster re-occupation of that room.

Maybe while it's all ripped apart and we're screwing around, I'll paint the attic stair hatchway.  It's still mauve.
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