kls_eloise (kls_eloise) wrote,

New projects

Ages and ages and ages ago, I decided that I wanted an Ikea low-voltage lighting system installed in my sewing room.  It's lovely during the day, but it's pretty murky in there at night.  The last three weeks have seen a LOT of complaints about the light level in there after dark.  Some months ago Bob acquiesced to my offer to empty and move the fabric shelves against the wall with the switch if he would wire them over Memorial Day weekend.

Did I mention the shelves in question contain my *entire* garb fabric stash?

I started working on that tonight.  The wool has all been pulled, and is stacked neatly in the hallway - at least until a cat knocks it over.  I may have moths, which makes me very unhappy.  The problem is the linen - I'm out of space in the hallway, and still have the linen to remove.  I'll figure out a place to stash it tomorrow.  Then I can vacuum and shift the shelves.  And then...

Tags: sewing room

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