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Investiture - Thursday and Friday

Well, where to pick up?  When last I left you all, I was sewing like a madwoman trying to make new outfits from the skin out for three people for Investiture this past weekend.  I’m still sewing.  There’s a bunch of finish work that I deferred – I’d still like to finish all the seams in the lining fabric, I need to adjust one of Bob’s sleeves, I need to tack the linings down… none of that *needed* to be done for Saturday, but it needs to be done eventually.  I’ll get there.

So, to summarize the previous three weeks, I would get up (or try to) at quarter past six, drop Charlotte at day care, and be in the office for eight.  Leave at five, go home, and sew until one or two in the morning.  Lather, rinse repeat.  For three weeks.

I got a little addicted to Craig Fergusson.  That man is Not Right.

Thursday I took a half day off of work, drove down to Brookfield, and picked up mom’s Jeep.  I didn’t get out of there as quickly as I wanted, but still made good time.  Then I came home and… wait for it… started sewing.  Shocking, isn’t it?  I’d forgotten to take the garage door opener out of my car, so I left the Jeep in the driveway – I figured that I would have Bob kick it into the garage when I got home.  That was a mistake, because it caused a full Charlotte meltdown.  They got home, she saw grandma’s car, and was convinced that meant that grandma and grandpa were there.  She was officially Not Happy to come in and find me.  It was a little icky.  Not as icky as Friday morning, though.

Friday morning came after another 2:00am sewing session.  Weeks before, Bob had told me that he was taking the day off to help, and I’d been counting on that.  He’d asked me for a list of what I needed him to do, and I’d given it to him a couple of weeks previous – and he’d been pretty thoroughly ignoring it.  Basically, I’d asked him to get the house sufficiently picked up and clean for our overnight company, and since he’d deferred almost everything on it, *I* figured he’d be doing that all on Friday – along with pulling together the stuff we needed to take and loading it in the Jeep.  isabeau_lark was coming up early to help me finish up the sewing, and I needed to be doing that, not pulling poles and hauling them to the garage.  Well, apparently somewhere along the line he changed his mind, but hadn’t told me.  I found out when he woke me up to tell me that he was heading out to drop Charlotte off, and should he call me from work to make sure I was moving?

Work?  From WORK?!!!

I *had* been planning to grab another thirty minutes of sleep, but that was like a shot of icewater straight to the veins.  I’d been cruising along thinking that I was in reasonably good shape to be done in time to go to bed at a decent hour on Friday.  With that phrase, I inherited another six to eight hours of work.  It’s been a long time since I had a full blown anxiety attack, but I did – complete with having trouble breathing.  I left him a voice mail to call me when he got to the office – I didn’t know how to put the loveseat back together.  You see, the loveseat was a casualty of the cat wars, and on bright sunny days when we were home we had soaked it down in Nature’s Miracle and then set it out in the sun on the deck to bake.  The problem was that he had taken it apart, so I didn’t know which piece went where in what direction, and without it we didn’t have enough seating.

He decided to take that vacation day after all.

Do you know how much of the house you can clean when you have blind panic driving you?  By the time he got home at 10:00, I had tidied and scrubbed two bathrooms, picked up and cleaned the dining room, picked up the kitchen and scrubbed the countertops, picked up the library, put away my painting stuff, made up the futon, and cleared off the washer and dryer.  When he got home I set him to getting Charlotte’s room squared away, the air mattress set up in our room, and the car loaded.  I went back to sewing.

While I was up pressing Bob’s cote to do the hem, Isabeau arrived.  I got into mine, she marked the hem, and she started in on it before she headed out to meet some other friends she wanted to see while she was in Connecticut.  I got Bob’s hem done.  I’ve lost what happened after Isabeau got back from her lunch and before I left for the site – I have no idea.  But somewhere around 5:30 I headed for New Britain with the stuff for the site and as much of our own stuff as I wanted to stash in advance.  The problem was that I wanted to get as set up as possible for the reception for vynehorn’s laurel – and there she was.  Asking about the random stuff in my trunk, I might add, and me too tired to dissemble.  Lucky for me, she was distracted.  We got the changing areas set up, and she announced that she needed my car unloaded because while she was terribly sorry she had a lot to do yet tonight and really needed to get home.


We unloaded me car, she left, and we got down to the serious business of figuring out where to put the reception.  I had originally wanted a corner of the cafeteria, but the courtyard had been freshly mowed – and while the azaleas were done and the roses hadn’t begun, it was too pretty to pass up.  So I made a pile of the things I had brought – pop-up, table, tablecloth, cistern – we located someone to put in charge of setting it up in the morning, and I headed home to pack the rest of my stuff.

I had dinner when I got there, and tried the dress on Charlotte that Vynehorn had been finishing for me – it fit perfectly, and Charlotte was over the moon to dance in her new dress.  We got her to bed, I got the rest of the clothes and such packed, Jan (our other overnight company from New Jersey) arrived, and it was all pretty much done but for conversation and going to bed.  I stayed up too late, but it was so damn nice to just sit and chat – and not sew anything – that I couldn’t resist.

That’s when I discovered that I was in trouble.  I couldn’t get to sleep.  Too tired, too generally caffeinated, earlier than I’d become accustomed to, and my body wouldn’t cooperate.  I was dead tired, and just lying there.  Eventually I feel asleep.  The alarm went off way too early.

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