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Progress. I guess.


*  Chemise is finished.  Thanks to vynehorn finishing all the seams for me;
*  My cote is sewn, all the seams in the blue fabric have been finished (oy) and the eyelets are done;
*  Lacing cord for my cote has been luceted;
*  Bob's braes are all but done.  They just need two eyelets;
*  Points for Bob's braes have been made;
*  Bob's cote is sewn;
*  Bob's hose have been draped;
*  Basket for populace choice prize has been woven and shaped;
*  Thousands of buttons have been made by jofglastingburi.  And they're BEAUTIFUL.

Still to do:

*  The sleeves on my cote need to have buttons attached and buttonholes made;
*  My cote needs to have the lining tacked to the shell;
*  My cote needs a hem (I have a feeling that I may be hitting isabeau_lark up for that on Friday;)
*  Bob's braes need to have two eyelets made;
*  Bob's hose need to be sewn, have their seams finished, and have eyelets sewn;
*  Bob's cote needs to have the seams in the blue fabric finished, the sleeves need to be adjusted (I forgot about that until just now,) it need thousands of buttons attached and buttonholes made, and it needs a hem.
*  Charlotte's cote needs to be cut, sewn, and have the seams finished;
*  I'd love a new veil, but somehow I don't see that happening.

Having to finish the seams inside the lining is killing me - I wasn't anticipating needing to do that, and it ate a lot of this weekend.

I figure that in addition to working my 40 hour work week, I've been putting in something over 50 hours a week when I get home.  Doesn't that sound like fun?  I'm exhausted.

I just want this done and over with.  For a number of reasons, it's all been/going to be a whole lot of No Fun.



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May. 14th, 2012 03:22 am (UTC)
I will be happy to help. I'm good with buttonholes and eyelets as well. I'll try to hit the road at the time I would normally leave for work, so that will get me there late morning. Since I don't have rehearsal the night before, I can get myself together that night.
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