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Progress of a sort

So, for reasons made apparent in the last post, I got very, very busy, very, very abruptly, with a scary close deadline.  But I'm making progress.  As of last night:

*  New chemise is done - needs seams to be finished, and hems.  It's a little shorter than I would have chosen, but the available fabric dictated the length.

*  New shirt is done - needs seams to be finished and hems.

*  New short braes are all but done.  They need two eyelets (for the points) and leg hems.  All the other seams are finished.

*  My dress is assembled and lined (sans sleeves at the moment.)  Sadly, I think that before I go any further I'm going to need to go in and finish the seams for the outer fabric, despite being fully lined.  It's an absolutely lucious herringbone linen (that has been in the stash forever,) but it frays if you *look* at it.  Grumble.

I'm leaving his hose for last.  He has workable hose, albeit they need mending, but in a pinch they'll work.  Tonight I want to get his cote patterned, and in a perfect world get the prototype cut and sewn.  It helps that his seams are a lot shorter than mine.  Tomorrow I'm planning to sew all day, with an interlude to warp my loom for the class on Sunday.

I'm really looking forward to the class, but there aren't many ways that the timing could have been worse...
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