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My Obsession with Weather Stripping

The weekend was moderately productive. Saturday was a sewing day with  

vynehorn , and I managed to get neck holes into two new chemises so that I could check the fit, got them hemmed before they had a chance to fray with handling, and got most of two more cut out. I would like to have at least six new chemises for next Pennsic, and preferably eight. Because if I don’t, and we get a wet year where I can’t air my chemises out in the sun, I’m going to be sunk. Now I just need to finish all the seams – my least favorite job. But I’m planning to park a sewing basket next to the couch, and I’ll work on them while I watch television.

Sunday was a slow starting day - I just couldn’t seem to get myself moving. So in an effort to not be a complete slug while Bob was working I figured I would at least finish weather stripping the bottom of the second garage door. Last weekend I’d gotten the base strips attached to one and a half doors before I ran out of screws. As I’d hoped, completing that project got me moving, and I started putting new weather stripping around the house doors. The front door was an absolute nightmare. When I’d set the weather stripping so that it would touch the door and seal, the door wouldn’t latch. When I moved it so that the door would latch, the weather stripping wouldn’t seal. It was very frustrating. But eventually I got everything up and working, and somewhat against my better judgment moved on to the back door. I don’t know if it was a learning curve issue or if that door is just seated better, but it went much more smoothly. Here’s something I learned: when applying the type of weather stripping that involves a shaped metal strip supporting a vinyl seal, all of which is nailed to the door frame, start on the *hinge* side NOT on the latch side. It makes a difference. It makes a very big difference. Apparently the pressure of the gasket against the door by the hinges is just enough to shift how the door seats, and there is enough play in the hinges for it to move around quite a bit. If you seat the hinge side first, then you won’t have to go back and re-adjust the latch side that you just finished.  I didn’t work on the side door, because that still needs some touch up painting, and I want to let it cure without touching the weather stripping for about a week. The old gasket was ineffectual because it was coated with paint clumps, and I don’t want to replicate the problem I’m trying to solve.

After all of the fun with doors, we headed out to JoAnn’s frame shop clutching my 50% off coupons. We dropped off my print of "Illusion" by Michael Whelan, and a beautiful woodblock print we got at the Deerfield Craft Show. I’d originally only intended to do one on this coupon cycle, but both of those pieces were already matted so I decided to frame them both. Once "Illusion" comes back, I’ll be able to complete the art show on one of the stairwell walls. That wall has some big pieces on it – "Queen of the Snows" and "Winter’s King" by Dawn Wilson, "Pegasus" by Kinuko Craft, and now "Illusion" will be up by the landing. The two by Dawn Wilson need to be professionally framed, but they’re so big I’m waiting until I’m feeling a little more affluent. Even with a 50% off coupon, that’s going to probably be about $500 in framing, and that’s just horrifying. They can stay in poster frames a little longer.

The frame shop was followed by a brief stop at Lowes, where I actually managed to find brushed nickel weather stripping for two of the door bottoms. They only had two, and the store was closing, so I’m still looking for one for the third door. I’m hoping to get at least one of those installed tonight.

Next on adventures in weather stripping: all the double-hung windows, top and bottom. Can you tell that I’m obsessed with weather stripping? After noticing the drafts last winter, I had resolved to replace the weather stripping in every door and window in the house, and I’m well on my way. The problem is that the stores don’t start to carry a lot of it until this time of year, so I couldn’t find what I needed. But now they’ve got it, and I’m running amok. I want a nice tight house this year, without any drafts running across my toes. The doors are fairly easy – new pieces around the top and sides, and a new threshold seal. Two down, one to go. The double-hung windows are involved, but not difficult. I managed to find something close to the existing (non-functional) gasket that I can caulk into place, and that needs to go into each pane of each window. I think I’ve got ten of those – not too bad. I’ve got six casement windows also. I’m not quite sure how those are insulated, so I’m waiting on them. I don’t recall much in the way of thermal leakage from those last year, so I’m not quite as worried about them. The lock top dampers are going to go on the fireplaces, and that should take care of all the easy fixes, and some of the really big air leaks. I’m feeling fairly pleased with myself.

I need to remember to order wood for the woodstove. We’ve got slightly less than a cord left, but I’m planning to be less frugal with the wood this year. I’d been worried about wood consumption, so I was overly conservative. This year I’m planning more fires in the fireplace. Just for the pleasure of it.

I really love having a house. I truly, truly do.


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