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A mixed bag today

The cats are asleep on the couch.  They are touching each other.

I would be more encouraged if I didn't have to pick her up, carry her to the litter box, and stand guard while she uses it.

They can cut it the hell out *any time now.*  I've got enough stress in my life.

In other news from today, I made Charlotte's Easter basket today - as in, made the basket itself.  I also managed to not lose my temper over the CONSTANT requests for daddy (I think *I* need to go away for a week,) and I didn't start a chimney fire.  Sometimes days are more notable for what you don't do, than for what you did.



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Apr. 3rd, 2012 10:08 pm (UTC)
I knew of one navy wife who the Friday evening after the boat came back from a long underway said goodbye to her husband, left him with the kids, and checked herself into a local hotel for the weekend. By herself.

I hope the kitties get themselves sorted out soon. Having to worry constantly about bloodshed gets old.
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