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March Stuff

I have a few weekends to talk about.  Apparently whenever it involves having to take a picture of something, I don’t post.  It seems that lately dealing with the camera is too much to deal with.  Odd, that.

Going back three weekends, vynehorn and I went to Old Sturbridge Village for classes.  She did a hands-on class on historic chocolate that sounded intriguing, but I was seduced by basket making.  I did a couple of two hour classes at Pennsic years ago, but by the time I got home and managed to locate supplies I’d quite honestly forgotten what I was going to do with them.  This was a six hour class – much more time to get grounded in the basics.  Additionally, when I got there I discovered that I was the only person registered for the class, so I had the teacher all to myself.  I actually would have preferred one other person – I’m not really that comfortable with being the undivided center of someone’s attention.  It makes me uncomfortable

We broke for lunch in time for Vynehorn and I to have lunch together, and I strolled back through the village to the education center.  Given that I was the only student, we actually finished about two hours early – things go faster when the instructor doesn’t have to spread their attention around.  I reversed my stroll back through the village to where the chocolate class was, and took my leisurely time.  Despite having taken a previous class there, I’ve never been to OSV before, and it was a beautiful spring day.  I spent a good bit of time in the blacksmith’s shop listening to them, stopped to look at the gristmill and sawmill, and generally had a lovely walk.  I definitely want to go back up just to go, and take Charlotte.  When I got back to the center of the village, Vynehorn practically dragged me into her class.  It seems that the chocolate ladies had made way too much of, well, everything.  So I got to try everything.  I’ll admit that I didn’t work up the courage to try the chocolate drink with the cayenne in it.  The regular was interesting, but a bit too bitter for my taste.  I’d never seen Vynehorn on a sugar high before, and that was VERY entertaining.  I’m a little sorry I missed the class – it seemed like an interesting bunch of ladies.  No regrets though, as I had the leisure to quiz my basket instructor to the point where I feel like I can do more on my own.  I’ve located the reed that’s been kicking around my basement for years, and I’m going to try to make an Easter basket for Charlotte.  Wouldn’t that be a fun tradition?  In the long run I want to be able to teach basketmaking for SCA workshops.

Here are two bad pictures of the basket I made.  The pictures stink, but I’m very pleased with the basket.  When I got home and showed it to Bob, the first thing said was Charlotte “That’s my basket?”  We’re still negotiating.



The following weekend was Hrim Schola.  I originally wasn’t going to go, and boy am I glad I changed my mind.  It turned into a girls’ day out, as isabeau_lark came up and stayed with us, and we carpooled with vynehorn and jofglastingburi.  Originally it was going to be a caravan, but then it became apparent that Johanna’s car has a trunk in the same way that Jonah’s whale had a gullet.  Everything that we all brought fit in the trunk with room to spare.  It was a fantastic time.  You know, twenty some odd years ago I *swore* that I was *not* going to become a fiber geek.  It may have taken twenty years, but apparently I’m well on my way to losing that battle.  I took assorted weaving classes all day, and had a spectacularly good time.  I was particularly taken with the class on narrow rigid heddle trim.  Fun, useful, and portable!  What’s not to love?  The highlight of the day though was Peregrine’s class about weaving Perugia towels and tablecloths.  I’m still *hugely* intimidated, but I still want to try it.  My biggest fear is that I’m going to end up wanting a four harness loom if this proceeds to the logical conclusion I chase most of these things.  I’m going to continue to deny that possibility for now.  It was a great event.

On Sunday after Hrim Schola Bob and I had originally planned to hit the home show at the convention center, but he wasn’t feeling well and I was sort of wiped out, so we decided to stay home and take it easy.  Naturally that involved getting out rakes and doing all the yard and driveway cleanup.  “Taking it easy.”  Right.  On the other hand, cleaning the yard didn’t require me to brush my hair or put on respectable clothes – or get in the car.  So in many ways it was actually a day off.  We got a lot done, and in order to completely celebrate the coming of the warm weather, I got to pull a tick off of Bob that evening.

Eeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.  I hate ticks.

I’ve already told you about hisTexas trip.

This past weekend was equally busy.  Saturday morning we packed up and headed down to New Jersey for Mudthaw.  Despite feeling oddly anti-social, I had a very nice day.  Walked around a bit, saw some friends I don’t see often, saw some people I haven’t seen in ages, and generally had a nice time.  I switched Charlotte’s garb up to the next level and added a veil.  She kept it on all day.  I got a veil on a three year old.  I win.  :-)  Amusingly, people keep giving her things because she’s all done up and so stinking cute.  She’s not getting me free drinks yet, though.  She had a nice long nap during court, and woke up during Svana’s Pelican ceremony and wanted mommy.  Hopefully no one minded that she came into court with me and sat on my lap (very quietly.)  Svana got hugs from both of us – probably very confusing.  I, naturally, forgot my camera.  Here’s a link to a picture someone else took.


Sunday was a day of conflicting desires.  The weather was icky, and I really just wanted to sit on the couch.  But there were things outside that needed doing.  Finally Bob got some forward momentum, and headed out to cut down the problem pin outside the library.  That inspired me to actually get out of my pajamas and go help.  After the pine was down, we went around to the back to try to do something about the creeping hydrangea and the tree stump it was growing on.  Last summer it was pretty wobbly, and it just hasn’t been the same since a tree fell on it at Halloween.  As in, it’s been horizontal instead of vertical.  Between the two of us, and with the aid of straps and mattocks and san angelo bars and chain saws, we disassociated the vine from the stump.  Bob hauled the stump away in pieces, and we propped up the vine.  Plan A, which involved a purchased trellis failed miserably.  Plan B is temporary and involves pressure treated 2x4s and lots of good thoughts.  Plan C is shapeless and without form, and involves somehow building a trellis under the existing vine.  Isn’t this going to be fun?  I see some concrete in my future.

Here's the thing on the ground.  At this point we'd already levered the stump out of the ground and off to one side.  you can see the hole where it had roots once upon a time.

Experimentation proved it was Too Damn Heavy to screw with like that, so out came the chain saw...

We got the top end pulled out of the vine, but decided that it still needed to be in smaller pieces.  The random logs in the picture are pieces we were using for fulcrums and props.

It kind of still looks like the stump is in there, doesn't it?  That's bark that the vine hung on to.  The tree certainly didn't need it any more.

Leaving us asking the question "now what?"  When all else fails, prop it up with 2 x 4s and walk away...

I'll be interested to see if my carpenter ant problem goes away this year.

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