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What to do, what to do...

Well, I've reached another pause point in cataloging the books.  The big bookcase of general SCA reference books has been cataloged, so I can stop for a bit without worrying that I'll lose my place.  The next dive into the wonderful world of LibraryThing will be the bookcase of manuscript references.  That one is going to be slightly scary in some ways - I haven't had a lot of self control over the years where my scribal references are concerned.  Notwithstanding that, if the trend continues I'll still find some to purge.  That, however is not my dilemma.

Once I get through the manuscript reference and the assorted other references, I'm going to get to the "general" books on the west wall of the room, and that's where it's going to get a little difficult.  My non-science fiction/fantasy fiction is over there, and that's not a big deal.  The general reference however, is harder.  I've got a lot of old reference books, particularly some old runs of Time-Life books, and by "old" I mean "came to us second hand when I was a child."  The science in a lot of those is somewhat to fairly outdated.  So here are the bones of my  dilemma:

*  Books with outdated information;
*  The age of the internet, so with reasonable care, Charlotte will be able to easily find current information;
*  Paper books are just so much, well, cooler.  And more permanent;
*  I'm fond of them, damn it;
*  Finite shelf space.

I mean, I'm the person who used to dream about being able to own the Unabridged Oxford English Dictionary - because it's THE dictionary of the language.  All of it.  I love books.  It was a requirement to our realtor that there be a room that could be a library.  Getting rid of reference books cuts against the grain, but if they never get used it's better to give the shelf space over to more current volumes.

Ug.  I don't know what to do.
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