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Mild Progress

I've still got some beginning-of-the-year catching up to do, but if I keep waiting to talk, I'll be perpetually behind.  So.

It's been a moderately miserable week.  I've got a knot in my left shoulder the size of Boise - it hurts badly enough to keep me from sleeping and make me slightly nauseated most of the time.  I was hoping the massage terrorist would beat it into submission with her pointy elbow on Wednesday, but Wednesday we got the snow/sleet/freezing rain/more snow on top weather, and I decided to be a decent person and gave her the option to cancel.  Sadly, she took it.  Ah well.

There is hope on the feline front.  After "flipping" them (her downstairs, him locked upstairs) for several days, when we reopened the doors we still had hostility, but she was once again roaming the entire house.  That was progress.  Then I discovered that if I refereed, I could have her on my lap and him on the couch.  Also progress.  Then I made the BIG discovery - for treats, they will actually touch each other.  So every evening I break out the treats, and they have a scrum on my lap trying to get them.  My theory is that treats ONLY happen when the other cat is there.  It seems to be helping.  They get to sniff each other in the process, and the peace usually holds for an hour or so afterwards.  So I'm going to keep doing that.  Not this coming week, but the one after, I'll touch base with the vet.

This weekend has only been moderately productive - did you know that if you *sniffle* hard, you use your damn shoulder muscles?  But I've gotten a few things done.  After chatting with kass_rants, I realized that I've just been stalling about getting rid of the bookcase full of culled books behind the basement door.  So yesterday I bagged them up (seven full grocery bags of books, and one of DVDs,) and Bob hauled them off to the public library for donation.  It sounds like they were pleased to receive them (their big fundraising book sale is in April.)  That empty bookcase encouraged me to get back to work cataloging/purging the books in the house, so I've been pecking away at that as my pain level allows.  I've got another growing pile of purged books.  That pleases me for some odd reason.

I didn't get the toddler stuff pulled together for the consignment shop, but that can happen this week.  I need to clean some of the toys up a little more than they are right now.  Then I've got stuff to go to GoodWill.  My local Salvation Army has closed.  I'm hoping that GoodWill will take the ItsDeductible printouts like the SA did.  Otherwise donations are going to become less convenient.

Right now I'm dreaming of spring/summer projects.  There are lots, but I need to pick what we can afford:

  * New loveseat to replace the old This End Up piece that has you practically sitting on the floor;
  * Ductless HVAC unit for the library;
  * New front walk (we've had a friend offer to come help with the digging and hard work);
  * New deck

Then there are the projects that will definitely be happening, because they're more sweat and less money:

  * Replumb the half bath and install the new vanity/faucet;
  * Install the low voltage lighting in the sewing room;
  * Build and install a framework for the creeping hydrangea, lift the hydrangea onto it, remove the old tree trunk;
  * Lime the yard, seed;
  * Plan and build a new bathroom vanity (Dad will help)
  * Cut down more storm damaged trees, and start moving last year's wood over to the woodpile for next winter.

But for right now, there's more ibuprofin in my future.  And maybe some more book cataloging.  I may have too many books...

Tags: bathroom, books, cats, garden, house, lawn, library, sewing room, yardwork

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