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The Very Expensive CD

Well, over on the page of 


zfarcher he mentioned that he had picked up the new Loreena McKennitt CD.  Apparently it's been out for months and months and NO ONE TOLD ME.  But I'm not bitter.  That caused me to check the website for the title.  Which led me to the concert dates page - never hurts to check, right?  That lead me to the October date in Providence, RI.  Which led to the purchase of four tickets in the Orchestra section.  I believe this is commonly referred to as "escalation."  Ouch!  That's an expensive CD!

* Surfing www.quinlanroad.com: free
* Purchase of "An Ancient Muse" at Borders (plus a discount copy of "Dune" in hardcover): $28.60
* On-line purchase of tickets for four at the Providence Performing Arts Center: $220.00
* Taking good friends to see an amazing artist perform in person: Priceless




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