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Tables and chairs purchased for the unexpected influx of family for Christmas eve dinner.

Most cookie doughs mixed - baking tomorrow.

Oven is cleaned.

Wood stacking has begun.  Without clearing the turnaround, parking is difficult.  Camma knows how to dodge it, but my brother would be disconcerted.  We got not quite a cord hauled and stacked in about two and a half hours.  Not bad.  If the weather holds, we could have the wood stacked by the new year.  That would be a nice change.  I love my new stone terrace - it was worth all the sweat, strains, scrapes, and bruises this past summer.

I need to come up with a project to keep my dad occupied on Christmas eve.  He gets restless.  I'm thinking maybe I'll ask him to install the new programmable thermostat upstairs.  If that doesn't do it, I can ask him to diagnose the corner of the kitchen floor that's wonky.  Or help me plan a new corner of the deck I want to build, or design the new vanity for the upstairs bathroom... yeah, I can keep him busy.
Tags: exterior, family, holidays

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