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I am the latest family recipient of the iPad that no one wants.  My brother gave it to my mother for her birthday back in May.  She poked at it for a bit, and finally decided that it doesn't do anything that her laptop doesn't, she loves her Kindle, and at 80 she just doesn't feel like learning a new operating system.  So she apologized to my brother and offered it back.

He offered it to my nephews, but they turned it down.  One is a law student, and one is a computer science major.

So now it's living with me.  And I'm baffled.  Seriously, I'm not joking - what the heck is it FOR?  I've got a perfectly good hand-me-down laptop that does all the things I want it to do - and IT has a keyboard.  Why yes, I am a touch-typist.  What do I do with a computer at home?  I check my email, and I use Word and Excel heavily.  I surf the web a bit.

So I ask with complete sincerity - what am I intended to do with it?  Charlotte loves making the icons move around, but beyond that.  I can see that it's a neat toy, but is it supposed to be more than that?  That's a lot of money for a toy.

Honest to goodness - I'm just... adrift.
Tags: computer, family

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