kls_eloise (kls_eloise) wrote,

Boar's Head 2011

He came out *fabulous* this year - I called him "Horace."  Look - a meat pie in animal head form:

I'll chat about Yule later, but I wanted to show you the boar's head.

Some other construction notes for future reference:

*  The eyes slumped after the fact when it cooled.  Not sure if I can do anything about that.
*  The parsnip tips got a little soggy under the aluminum foil - see if you can tent it *around* them next year.
*  Put it uncovered in the fridge until fully cooled - that will minimize the condensation under the aluminum foil.
*  Blunt the bottom edges of the ears more - the right ear was too pointy.  The left ear was a reconstruction, so it doesn't count.
*  Slip an occasional bay leaf between the parchment paper and the platter - it'll hold the bay garland in place.
Tags: sca, so i can find it

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