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Boar's Head Notes

You know, I *know* I posted the process.  Damned if I can find it.  Well regardless, here's some notes from this year:

(4) pounds of pork, (1.25) pounds of beef,
(3) medium onions looks like too much, but it's good;
Go heavy on the bread;
Mix the beef and bread together first, then mix in the pork one package at a time.  Much easier;
Yes Kris, you DO need to roll out the crust to be longer, and slightly wider;
Cover the whole shebang with a damp dish towel to keep the crust pliable;
Use an extra radish to make the eye sockets;
Trace the pupils with the skewer and then peel - peel most of the radish;
Use the bamboo skewer to make a hole for the cloves, and countersink them;
Drape the back of the head, seam down the middle - cover the eyes entirely.  There is also a cheek seam;
Drape the front of the head - there is a seam at each side of the snout;
Cut away around the eyes, cut eyelids from scrap;
Punch ear holes before baking;
Carve parsnips with the big triangular knife - much better results;
Carve parsnips too long - you'll be trimming off the burned tips;
Don't forget to brush with egg wash;
Cover parsnips and eyes with aluminum foil;
Don't be chintzy - cut ears from a separate piece of crust - square off one pointed end where the skewer attaches;
Form ears over aluminum foil - do NOT allow the crust to completely encompass the foil or you won't be able to get it out;
Wait for the ears to cool before trying to remove foil;
Attach ears on site.
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