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My new refrigerator!

Originally we were going to wait until fall to make this purchase. Last year we got a really good deal through my work – Bernie’s offered us some ridiculously low amount over invoice, and we bought the dishwasher that way. Also, in the fall it’s simpler to decant the fridge into coolers and stash them out on the back deck. But the Labor Day deals proved to be too good to resist. I’d already done my homework back in the spring when the fan gave up the ghost, so I already knew what I wanted (although I was required to spend a couple of days second-guessing myself.) We ended up picking it up at Home Despot:

*They were $100 cheaper than GE direct, Lowes, or any of the appliance stores.
*10% off appliances for Labor Day.
*$100 gift card with purchase via mail-in rebate.
*Free delivery and removal via mail-in rebate.
*12 months interest free.
*No sales tax on energy star appliances.

How could I not jump at that? By the time I’ve sent in the rebates, the $1700 appliance ($1850 after tax and delivery) will have cost me $1350.

Delivery was not fun for the poor guys from GE. Like when the washer came, they didn’t want to risk ripping the wires out of the side of the house with the truck, so they parked at the bottom of the driveway. For those who haven’t seen my driveway or the pictures: Bob estimates it at about 120 feet long, and I figure there is a 10-15 foot rise in elevation from the street to the house. Then there’s our horrible bumpy front walk that we haven’t replaced yet. The delivery guys were extremely unamused by our driveway, but seemed to be impressed by my measuring. It just fit through the door, the archway, and under the cabinet. Just.


Here it is: shiny and pretty and new. I’ve always wanted a bottom freezer like my mom’s, and I decided to go with the french doors. It’s going to take some getting used to, but I think I’m going to love them. All those bins in the doors can be moved around.


Look at all the shelves and drawers! That shelf on the upper right is pretty cool – it can be full depth, or the front half pushes back and down to nest underneath the back half to make room for tall items – it was pushed back when I took the picture. The deli drawer has its own temperature control, and the crisper drawers have humidity control. Knowing me, I’ll probably never touch those options, but we’ll see.


The freezer – again, look at all the drawers. This is part of what sold us on this model. We liked the combination of the deep pull out bin, the very shallow full-width drawer, and the deeper half width drawer (that’s the ice cream drawer.) The ice tray on the left is all set to be owner fitted with an after-the-fact icemaker. I’ll order that in the next few days. The big bin lifts out completely for cleaning.

It’s much quieter than the old one (surprise.) I heard the compressor come on once last night, and we did hear the fan once and agreed that it sounds like something taking off. The best part is that its yearly energy consumption is rated at 485 kWh/year or thereabouts. The one we’re replacing? 1600 kWh/year. At 93 kWh less a month we’ll see that in our electric bills fairly quickly.

That just leaves the range, which I don’t anticipate replacing any time soon. Sure, I’d like one that matches the other appliances, and I’d like one of the new glass-topped models, and I’d like a hood, but it can wait. Mom’s old stove works just fine, I know where it’s been, and it’s familiar. No rush. So the next project in the kitchen is going to be the wall where the cage bar was. It’s catching construction clutter right now – paint cans and hammers and flat bars. We’re talking about trying to build a cabinet base ourselves after the amazing cabinet door refacing success. I’ll measure and start planning what I want over there.

So... I guess it’s time to do something about that pink bathroom. It’s the last offensive paint left in the house. But not next week.


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