kls_eloise (kls_eloise) wrote,

We're back

Sorry - it's been busy.  And you're not going to get much now.

Power came back at about 3:00 on Sunday.  Out for eight solid days - long enough to lose everything in the fridge and both freezers, with the notable exception of the Omaha steaks - they were on the bottom, sealed, and full of ice crystals.

We've been working on "recovery," which basically meant cutting down anything that looks imminently dangerous.  That pretty much came to a screeching halt with the end of daylight savings time.  Unless you're a professional, "pitch black" is the wrong time to be playing with a chain saw.  I figure that chain saw is, bar none, the most dangerous item in my house.

Lots and lots of thanks to the following people:
*  Ben at the tree service, for delivering my three cords of wood right on time on Friday.  That one fact saved our bacon;
*  My husband, for understanding that I really DO like his dad, it's just that having him in my house causes a disturbance in my force and makes me cranky;
*  ESPN, for not merely allowing us to bring in our entire extended families for hot meals and hot showers, but actually ENCOURAGING us to do so.  Not like some other companies;
*  Holly at work, who was so worried about Peggy and I not having water that she went out and bought us each six gallons to make sure we were okay;
*Callie at work, who took the load of laundry from when Charlotte wet the bed and took it home and washed it for me;
*  Jeff, who upon finding out on Friday that we still didn't have power, threw a generator in the car and drove down from Barkhamsted at 9:00pm.  It couldn't power the well pump, and by Sunday morning we had no water pressure left so it couldn't run the boiler, but just having one incandescent lamp really makes a huge mental difference;
*  Most of all, the good men of Pike Electric from North Carolina.  When you were finally able to get to us, you performed your job professionally, efficiently, and cheerfully.  You were even nice to the angry lady who was chewing on you about CL&P.  I will be sending off a letter of appreciation to headquarters, and I will never make fun of that accent again.

At some point when we've dealt with the storm debris, I've caught up with my email, and I've got my spreadsheets made for Yule, I'll tell you all about it - I have pictures.  I also need to tell you about the rock terrace in the back yard, and the trip to Boston for the Pompeii exhibit.  But in the short term, the town is doing storm debris brush pickup for two, count them two weeks - starting last weekend.  So anything that is going to go has to get down to the curb THIS weekend, or stay forever.  So I'll be hauling brush this weekend.  Bob will be cutting down more broken trees, and I will drag the top leafy bits downhill.

It will be interesting to see how much wood we end up with.
Tags: family, weather, work

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