kls_eloise (kls_eloise) wrote,

Packed and Worrying

Well, we're all packed to go to I-Con.  Taking a half day today, catching the 3:00 ferry from Bridgeport, and having a weekend away.  No work.  No painting.  No unpacking.  No cleaning.  I'm looking forward to being away for a bit.  And for some reason I'm emotionally reacting to having taken a half day of vacation like a kid with a snow day.  I think I need a vacation!

But I'm worried about leaving the kitties for the weekend.  We do this all the time - lots of water, big bowl of dry food, clean litter box, and they're good to go.  But the whole pet food recall has me fretting.  My brand is still on the safe list, but more and more brands are pulling their products "in an excess of caution" to quote Purina.  I'm sure we're fine, but not having my eye right on them makes me a little nervous.

Last night was useless.  Snapped some pictures of the house to take with me, packed, loaded the car.  Ground to a halt.  I definitely need a couple of days of mindless fun.
Tags: i-con

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