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You know, for as much as I cough, I ought to have killer abs.

Where were we?  Cough was diagnosed as reponsive airway disease, which is a fairly squashy description.  I was given Prednisone, SIngulair, codeine, and... I don't remember, but I swear there was something else.  Follow up in two weeks.  In two weeks the cough was much better, but still very much present - and my ears were plugged.  Add an inhaled steroid and a steroidal nasal spray, on the theory that delivering the steriod directly to the problem areas might help.  Follow up in two weeks.  That was yesterday, and while my ears did eventually unplug the cough seems to have been getting worse again since I went off the Prednisone.

So now I have a different inhaler - this one has a bronchodilator in it.  I'm still on Singulair and Claritin to keep the allergies under control, because they're not helping.  But at this point my doctor has admitted to being out of ideas.  So if the Symbicort doesn't knock the cough down, she's sending me to a pulmonologist.  Doesn't that sound like fun?

So I've determined that the pulmonologists at Dempsey (where all our other specialists are) are in my insurance plan.  I should look up ENTs also, since she might go that route first.  I'll call on Thursday, and we'll figure out what we do next.

The worst part is that I'm certain that within a week of getting rid of the cough, Charlotte will loan me a cold, and the whole thing will start over again.

I'm really, really sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Tomorrow I'll show you pictures of what I did over the weekend.
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