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Progress, of sorts

Well, I have to tell you - as much as the idea of prednisone gave me the willies, I'm enjoying the shot of energy.

Last night was a little frantic.  Yesterday I started making all the autumn related phone calls.  I called the chimney sweep and scheduled to have the boiler flue and the dryer vent swept.  I was going to call the oil company to have the boiler tuned and cleaned, but without the paperwork I didn't have their number or know when the last service was beyond "last year."  I also picked out and called a septic company to come pump the tank for the first time since we bought the house.  I can't recall if I mentioned, but when we were working to get the lawn started I also took the time to locate as many of the septic structures as we could (although I declined to dig for the distribution box - I figure that's deeper than I want to sink an exploratory hole.)

The nice lady at the septic company said "how about Thursday?", and with reservations I said "sure."

So last night I picked up Charlotte, stopped at the grocery store for something for dinner, and headed home to dig a hole.

First, I started digging at the wrong rock edging the garden.  When I didn't hit any structure I had Bob break out the long tape and measure, and I moved three rocks to the left and smacked into concrete pretty quickly.  Then it was just a matter of digging it out.  Problem was, I couldn't find the lid, and I had no enthusiasm for digging out the entire top of the tank.  So I just kept digging and clearing dirt off of the concrete until eventually I hit metal - it was the lift ring.  Hurray.  But I couldn't find the edges.  I kept making the hole wider, figuring that when I found one edge, I could follow it around.  I ended up moving more of the garden edging, and had to cut the hydrangea way back because it was flopped all over where I needed to stand and dig.  Finally I gave up.  It was getting dark, and I still needed to start dinner.  I figured that having found the lift ring I was in the right place, it was just a matter of finding the rest.  We had dinner, got Charlotte to bed, watched some television, and I started Googling septic tank lids to answer "how big could this thing BE?"  My hole was about three feet in diameter, so I was a little nervous at that point.  Finally at Bob's suggestion we went out with a flashlight and a broom.  SInce the concrete had dried in the intervening time, once he swept it a little you could see the circular line of the lid - at least the third to a half that I had exposed.  We're going to have to dig further into the garden to get the rest.  When we refill it, I'm going to adjust that garden edge to be completely clear of the tank lid - one of the reasons why I haven't planted anything in there yet.

Here's where the prednisone comes in.  I normally go to bed by 10:00pm, and I'm pretty done by that point these days.  It was 11:00.  I had gone to the store, cooked dinner, dug a big hole, gotten very little sleep the night before, and I'm thinking "I could grab a shovel and finish that up."  Now, thinking that is very, very much me.  But feeling like I could actually DO it was definitely the drugs talking.  Instead I went inside and cataloged some more of the library.

In hindsight it's a shame, as the septic folks just called and asked if they could come today instead of tomorrow.  Oh well.

After a bit, I *made* myself grab a shower and go to bed.  I didn't have any trouble getting to sleep, although the codeine may have helped with that.  But... damn.  It was nice to have energy.

This morning I'm much less allergy-ridden, and a day with less mucus is a good day.  I'm still wheezing, and still having coughing fits, but I think they've been slightly less severe.

So tonight we finish digging the hole, and cut open the garage door (we sealed it for Hurricane Irene.)  I'm going to see what else I can get done to take advantage of this flush of unnatural energy.  And I'll get a picture of the hole.  Just 'cause.

I'm thinking of putting a little round paver pad right over the lid - maybe put a sundial on it.  That would be easier than trying to remember which rock to dig next to.
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