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I'm not entirely sure how I'm going to get to work tomorrow.  IF I'm going to get to work tomorrow.  You see, work (and Charlotte's day care) is on the other side of the Pequabuck River from me.  And the Pequabuck River is rather... larger than it was.  It is currently rampaging down Route 72 in Bristol.  My first thought was that since it is probably up over Route 229, I'll take the back route - the one I take coming home from day care.  Then I saw the pictures on the news of four feet or so of water galloping down Route 72 - and recognized the left turn I take on the "back route."

I could go through Plainville, but Plainville is flooded.  There's a lot of water between me and the office.

Heck, I'm not sure day care will even be open.

Could be an interesting morning following the Garmin.
Tags: weather, work

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