kls_eloise (kls_eloise) wrote,

No damage

I know we're not supposed to, but we just took a walk around the property.  We lost some deadwood - not as much as I would have liked.

A bunch of litter in the driveway:

This is a big dead tree out back.  I'm impressed by the way it managed to land right in between those two trees.

I'm glad it wasn't taller.

That's about it, unless something gives up the ghost tonight.  I got a couple of nice weather related userpics.  Does that count as a plus?  Hey galingale - get your husband's attention because later I'm going to post pictures of the bumper crop of mushrooms we've got going back there.

I'm going to go set a shelf standard in the closet, and then warp up the loom.  I spent a big chunk of this morning rolling yarn into balls.  Tedious, that.
Tags: weather

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