kls_eloise (kls_eloise) wrote,

Dear Weather Channel


Hurricane Irene has been hammering Connecticut since yesterday morning.  We've gotten two months worth of rain in 24 hours.  We have a *record* number of people with no power - more than in Hurricane Gloria.  I hear that the section of town where my daughter's daycare is located has been evacuated because a dam upstream is failing.  You have a lovely page for New England.  It lists states of emergency, mandatory evacuations, parking bans, closings, shelters, mass transit status - all the sorts of things that people riding out the storm would need/like to know.  You list these for all the New England states: Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, and Vermont.

Wait - I thought there were SIX states in New England.  But I guess you've decided that Connecticut is no longer part of New England.  After all - we're so close to NYC that we MUST be part of NY.  Right?

Rest assured, you have reinforced my inclination to use Weather Underground as my primary go-to website.

No love,
Tags: rant, weather

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