kls_eloise (kls_eloise) wrote,

Random Photo(s) of the Week

Ireland, since I'm thinking about it.

Christ Church Cathedral.  It was a real pain to get photos without cars!  I was originally grumpy that I couldn't get a nice "blue sky" photo, but this sky is actually far more interesting.

More from Glendalough.  Shots of the round tower.  I believe they said that it's the most intact round tower in the country.  This particular shot drove me nuts.  There was intermittant sunlight coming through the clouds, and the valley would just light up.  I'd get out the camera... and a cloud would cover the sun.  I'd put the camera away... the sun would come out.  It got to be fairly amusing.  But I did get this one shot of the valley with the sun shining.

Closeup.  Can you believe this was taken in January?

Those are the last from Ireland that I can get to at work.  I'll have to find the CD for the rest.  People kept asking "Why aren't there ever any people in your pictures."  I just explain that I'm not really interested in people until they've been dead for six hundred years.


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