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Last week's Pennsic recitation has been interrupted by weekend happenings.  Namely that on Saturday we hooked up the trailer and took it to Home Depot.  Originally I just wanted to pick up the two 4'x8' sheets of plywood that I'm going to need to build a base for my short bookcases (once I have them all.)  But then I got to thinking about the possibilities of having the trailer in my possession.  So I did indeep pick up my two large sheets of plywood.  I also bought five, count 'em, five pre-hung solid wood six panel doors, 24 linear feet of baseboard molding, 152 linear feet of door/window casing, four handsets, and a long level.  Guess what we're doing over the Labor Day weekend?  That's right boys and girls, we're going to be replacing the first floor doors.  It's gonna be great.

We're not going to talk about how much that all cost.  I have six months to pay it off without interest.  It'll be fine.  :-)

Sunday we returned the Jeep and trailer.

The travelogue will resume shortly.

But - doors!  SO cool...
Tags: basement, bathroom, house, kitchen, library

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