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Random thoughts and impressions from Pennsic

 Skinny kid. Shirtless. Wearing a tricorn hat and a green kilt that looked more like a girl’s field hockey skirt.

The jeep did amazingly well. Sixteen years old, loaded, pulling a trailer. Right around 17 miles per gallon. Down from its usual 20+, but it’s sixteen years old and was pulling a trailer – not bad!

 Charlotte learned to pick up her skirts before walking up the ramp to the kitchen. Very cute. She only face planted three times before she figured it out.

She also learned to open the refrigerator, take out her bottle of milk, and close the refrigerator again. Coming home to our freezer on the bottom model was a disappointment.

It’s really hard to pee when you have a not-yet-three year old with you at Pennsic. There’s not room for you both in a standard porta potty, and the handicapped ones are few. You have to either go with the door open, or hold it until the other parent is available. They need hitching posts for toddlers.

She LOVED the cannons. “Cannon! Boom!”

But not as much as she loved the bagpipes.

I have an itch for a new tent.

I could swear that there was less smoke this year – there didn’t seem to be the pall hanging over everything, and the laundry that I dumped out on the floor stank, but it stank of dust and sweaty humans, not of smoke. I wonder how much of that is because of fewer tiki torches?

Once we got past the first few beastly hot and humid days, that was some of the nicest Pennsic weather I’ve had in years.

I miss waving at people. Back before the activities had stretched out over the full two weeks, there was a big travel *influx* weekend. It was fun driving up I-80, looking at any vehicle that was heavily loaded, and trying to figure out if it was “one of us.” Then wave as we drove by. But we’re driving at night now, so we wouldn’t have it anyway.

I miss last court and the countdown. I remember Arval doing the countdown, and how he would flop down and lounge on the stage for the rest of it when he got to the first Pennsic he hadn’t attended. I remember the year that they got down to Pennsic 4, and the queen of *Drachenwald* of all places was still standing – and she was in her 20’s! She shrugged and said “I was two.”

There are hornets on the playground that are AN INCH AND A HALF LONG. SPRAY THEM!!!

Charlotte fixated on the Jeep. She would ask me where it was. I would tell her it was in the parking lot. She would ask why. I would tell her that cars aren’t allowed in the camp. After a couple of days of this, she had the answers down cold:
     “Charlotte, where is Grandma’s Jeep?”
“Inna parking lot!”
“Why is it in the parking lot?”
“No cars inna camp!”
Kathryn got a recording of her doing this and played it for Viscount Edward. Apparently there was commentary about how a two year old can get it right, but the adults can’t…

We wore a path in the grass from our tent to the common area in camp. Our campmates tell us that we were sufficiently sociable this year. :-)

Given that we don’t have space issues in our camp, it’s really tempting to start looking at a more palatial tent. That feels like hubris, though, so I shan’t. I think the real answer is to continue paring the kit down. This year I managed to bring very few extraneous things. I’ve been knocking stuff off the list the past few years, and I think I’m pretty close to where I need to be. At this point the things that I bring and don’t use are mostly things for either weather that didn’t happen or catastrophic occurrences that didn’t occur. The heavy cloaks and the air mattress repair kit, for example.

I really dislike the “first come, first served” method of handling classes with limits on participation. I understand that the university staff have tried a lot of different things over the years, and I also understand that they all have their problems. The thing that I liked about the old sign-up-way-early-the-morning-before, was that it rewarded dedication. If I really wanted to get into that class, then by God, I got up early and sat my butt down in line and waited for the clipboard. The current system rewards the people with the sharpest elbows and the least shame. It doesn’t matter that I was there an hour in advance and have been sitting in the sun – the lady who showed up five minutes ago who is willing to *shove* her way to the front gets in. It seems to encourage bad behavior.

My shoes are DONE. The holes in the bottom have gotten unacceptably large, and I’ve started wearing holes in my socks! Time to make a new pair, now that I actually have some lasting tacks.

I had forgotten that two years ago I opened the front seams of my chemises for nursing. That was a surprise when I pulled one on to run to the porta-potty!

I completely forgot to watch the meteor shower.

I really, really wanted to strangle the West Kingdom herald who woke the camp up every morning. Or perhaps I should say woke the camp*S* up every morning. “Good morning West Kingdom! Your king summons you to assemble under the pavilion at [time here]! The time is now 7:45!” From each of the four quarters of the camp. Every morning. I *was* going to sleep in…

I managed to get away with almost never having to back the trailer up. A very good thing.

I spent WAY too much money. It felt good. :-)

I heard one conversation in the merchant area that probably sums up the problems/solutions with our economy right now:

“My husband said to me, “Honey, I finally have a job again. Take the credit card to Pennsic and wear the numbers off.””
It’s the jobs, stupid.

I’ve never spent thirty minutes sitting on Currie Road waiting to get up to Route 422 before.

Flag belts ROCK.

I only saw the annoying busker who parks in the food court once – and this year he appears to have left the amp at home. Which made him much less annoying.

I LOVED the market stage.

Charlotte loved the produce store.

I never realized that the Coopers regularly bring in a backhoe to compact the trash in the dumpster by the barn. Now I’m even less inclined to allow the liquid runoff to touch me…

THIS year, I updated my lists the same day we got home. That will make next year ever so much easier.

Now – where did I leave my camera cable this time…

EDIT: I hate when LJ "helps" me with my font size...


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