kls_eloise (kls_eloise) wrote,

Note to self

Needing to work on a time sensitive major around-the-house project during the ramp up to Pennsic isn't really the best idea.

I have a very strong feeling that *none* of the woodworking projects are going to be done.  Not a one.  Sigh.

But we moved more big rocks today, and *that* project looks like it might be done in time to order the wood in a timely fashion this year.  That's important to me - more important than the Pennsic projects.  We'll figure those out.

So here's today's progress:

This is the rock that Bob just HAD to have.  He's such a damn boy sometimes - apparently he was feeling particularly manly when this one came out of the hole in the woods.

This is me, after we hauled that mother out of the woods and up the driveway.  Not the most flattering shot, but it does give you an idea of scale...

The wall as it currently stands:

See that big rock in the middle of the picture?  The one that's sort of triangular?  That's the rock strapped to the cart in the above pictures.

It's getting there.  I probably need as many rocks again to backfill now, but they don't have to be HUGE rocks.  Mind you, big ones will fill faster, but they don't need to be enormous.  Which is good, because this is awfully heavy work for a middle-aged out-of-shape housewife.

Yes, I know the house needs painting.  One enormous project at a time...
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