kls_eloise (kls_eloise) wrote,

Small Progress

The fourth pair of braes is machine sewn.

Something in excess of 350" of hand made bias-cut drawstring has been produced.

Chemise sleeves for Charlotte are in the  process of having their seams hand-finished so that I can move on to assembly.

Fabric for dresses for Charlotte that may or may not get cut has been pre-washed.

Neck hole diameter for Charlotte's garments has been determined (2.5" radius, if anyone cares.)

We also moved more rocks.  I swear the damn things are getting bigger.  I can sort of see that we've gotten a lot done, but realizing how many more there are to go is a bit discouraging.  Here's the work  so far - we moved ALL of those.

Here's the overall shot.  Remember, the idea is to create  a level pad for the woodpile.  You can just see the string line.

Here's another view.  For a sense of scale, those are 2x4s protruding into the picture.

Here's the business end of the pile.  We've moved all those rocks by ourselves.

Seriously - I need those two strapping young men to move rocks for me...
Tags: exterior, house, pennsic, sca

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