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Chemises for Charlotte, Braes for Bob

Got some nice alliteration going there...

Cut for Charlotte:

(4) chemises, all pieces. 

Next step: assemble gussets to sleeves and gores to bodies.  Hand finish seams before next assembly step.

Cut for Bob:

(4) center panels
(3) leg panels

Next step: prewash more white linen.  Can you believe I ran out AGAIN?  Cut five more leg panels.

It's been so long since I've made braes for him that I had forgotten how much linen they consume.  Luckily I have lots and lots of white linen.  For now.  If it's not too late tonight after we get home from dinner, I'll throw the next length of linen in the washer and dryer, and hopefully I can finish my cutting tomorrow night.  Then I need to stop cutting for a while and do some sewing.

It's moving along.