kls_eloise (kls_eloise) wrote,

GMEP 2011

I have big plans for the long weekend, despite the fact that I'm still intermittently hacking up a lung and my allergies hit full force on Thursday.

The biggest plan?  GMEP 2011.  The Great Mouse Exclusion Project of 2011.  Tomorrow we will open up the top of that wall and see what there is to see.  I'm hoping that we find something that will allow me in good conscience to bang in a piece of 2x4 to seal up the problem stud bay, patch the wall, and move on with my life.  That's my hope.  Broad hints notwithstanding, my father has failed to offer to come fix this for me.  His advice?  "Make a big hole.  Big holes are easier to patch than small ones."  So we shall.

I'm also hoping to:

Move some big rocks;
Go buy a new pair of sneakers;
Buy a camp bed for Charlotte;
Take some things to the attic;
Spray the mountain laurels (what a shock);
Plant my annuals;
Assemble a wooden chest for Pennsic.

We're also going to go visit my parents.  Mom's surgery today was canceled (long story), and she's feeling down.  So we're taking Charlotte down for a granddaughter fix.

We'll see how far we get.
Tags: exterior, house, mom

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