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More pictures

I've got these pictures from the Daily Life Schola, so eh - what the heck.  Look - baked goods!

This is everything staged to go in the oven.  Given the temperature issues we had, we figured we'd get it set to go, yank it open, shove everything in as quickly as possible, and slam it closed.  Towards the left are two of thatpotteryguy 's baking dishes.

Bread going in...

I honestly don't think we would have nearly as much fun without John there.


A pie made by isabeau_lark in thatpotteryguy 's handiwork...

Bread, in a possibly amusing conjointed state.

Assorted baked goods.  The baking dish in the foreground is my own modest attempt in another one of thatpotteryguy 's very useful pieces.

It was all very yummy.
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